Youth Soumya Ends Life After 'Double-crossed' By Girlfriend Sonali; Left Suicide Note

A 30-year-old youth committed self-murder by hanging himself from the ceiling addict of his room at Housing Board Colony in Nandan Vihar area under Infocity police limits in Bhubaneswar on Monday.

Youth Soumya Ends Life After 'Double-crossed' By Girlfriend Sonali; Left Suicide Note

Snippet taken from Facebook video/Knews

The deceased linked as Soumyaranjan Panigrahi, a said budding actor has left a self-murder note before ending his life where he has indicted his said gal, Sonali Nanda, a lower popular Odia songster the reason behind his extreme step.

The self-murder note read that Soumyaranjan committed self-murder as he was worried after learning that his long time gal, Sonali was cheating on him and having an affair with someone differently.

On that note, the departed also cited that he's taking such an extreme step over Sonali’s changing Gester. As he was in a relationship with her since several months and wanted to marry her, Soumyaranjan came depressed over learning Sonali’s contended affair with another joe.

Following this, Soumyaranjan hanged himself to death in his house. He, in the note, also allowed to contribute his body organs post his death.

Following the death of Soumyaranjan, some photos of the couple (Sonali-Soumyaranjan) are now doing rounds on Social media. Still, no response of the said gal of the departed, Sonali Nanda has been entered so far.

News Source: Knews and Pragativadi

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