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Odia360 is indeed the best platform for advertising and marketing promotions. Odia360 has a very user-friendly site. This site provides almost all the content housed at our desktop site in a seamless manner ensuring an excellent browsing experience on the go.

We offer premium services and excellent placements to give your brand maximum exposure and reach. We ensure that your brand and services leave the best impression on our traffic, this is the reason we give personalized attention to each of our clients who are looking forward to leveraging our capabilities for their use. e-Mail us your all requirements including links, text, and images. 

Last Updated On: 01 November 2022

Please send the below details, if you want to advertise with us

  • Duration of Advertisement that you want to run on our website.
  • Screenshots or the place that you want to put the advertisement on our website.
  • The amount that you can pay for the advertisement for that duration.
  • Category of Advertisement.

Advertisement Opportunities on website

  • Leaderboard: 728x90 pixels banner on top of the page.
  • Big Rectangle: 336x280 pixels Banner or Video Ad (Above Fold)
  • Big Rectangle: 336x280 pixels Banner or Video Ad (Below Fold)
  • Medium Rectangle: 300x250 pixels Banner or Video Ad (Above Fold)
  • Half Page / Splitscreen: 300x600 (Above Fold)
  • Medium Rectangle: 300x250 pixels banner (Below Fold)
  • Video Standalone Ads: 336x280 and 300x250
  • Homepage Takeover
  • Gutter Space
  • Expandable Banners
  • Any other Innovation proposed by the advertiser.
  • The creatives can be jpeg, gif, or animated (Flash). The creative size should be less than 20 KB.

Advertisement Opportunities on Odia360 Social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)

We are also accepting video and picture advertisements on our social media accounts. The picture size should be 1080X1080 and the video should be less than 20MB and 1280X720. For more info, you may contact us via the below.

Why Odia360 Best Platform for your Advertisement 

  • Best Odia entertainment blog/website in Odisha
  • Good fan following on Facebook
  • Good Subscribers and followers on Youtube
  • Good Engagement on social media
  • Good followers on the blog

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