Top 10 Hot and Sexiest Odia Ollywood Item Girl Dancer and Actress, With Photos

As we know Our ollywood Odia cinema industry now touching another level of success, nowadays lots of desi talents are coming through social media, Instagram reel, snap video, and TikTok type apps. This indicated in the future we do not need any out-sider actress in our industry. But why actors and actresses are only important always, and they are getting all limelight??  As lots of people are involved so they also should get the media focus. So today we came with a little step and here we are going to share some of the Odia Item songs dancers' names and their photos.

Top 10 Hot and Sexiest Odia Ollywood Item Girl Dancer and Actress, With Photos

The Top Ten Hottest and Sexiest Odia Ollywood Item Girl Dancer and Actress. For this list, we have collected all the below names from the Odia industry only including their past and present activity. Here in this article and video, we have added some of the Odia Album Actresses as well. Please let us know your reaction via the youtube comment box and Instagram messages. We will definitely evaluate your suggestion.

    In our list Actress Megha Ghosh is in 10th position, and she is well knowing for her lots of Odia movies, and for her hottest figure. The movie LUCHAKALI's hottest Odia song scene making her 10th position on this list. She is pretty, cute, and beautiful as well. This Bengali actress's acting skill and dressing sense is pretty awesome than other actresses. 

    Actress Cookies Swain, One of the social media sensation and well known for her Sambalpur album and TikTok short videos. We are taking her at 9th position because of her hottest dancing skill in albums and short videos. She belongs to odia industry through tele serials. Cookies has a very pretty face and mind-blowing expressions.

    Monalisa aka Antra Biswas, One of the very active actresses in the Bhojpuri industry and she is not that active in the Odia industry now. But her very last hot dancing skill in Odia albums and Odia movie making her in 8th position in this list. Well, she has a sexy hot figure and a beautiful face. She has a huge fan following all over India, now she is enjoying her marriage life and not that much active in the movie industry. 



    Actress Lovely, one of the pretty and hot item song dancer in ollywood. Her few item numbers are still a collection of party songs. Lovely has a beautiful figure and a pretty face. She has a good fan following as well, But now she is more active in Chhattisgarhi movies. 

    Actress Riyana, one of the hottest actresses in ollywood. Riyana pretty popular for her album 'TO PAKHE ATKICHI' and few Odia movies. She is very bold and her boldness also you can see in these few movies and albums. This is the reason she is in our number 6 in this list. Riyana has a sexy figure and a pretty smile. She is currently active in advertisments and other short movies. 


    Ankita Bhoumik

    Ankita Bhoumik one of the hottest non-odia actresses. Ankita is known for Chocolate (2011), Parshuram (2012) and One Way Traffic (2014) Odia movies. She is very fluent in odia, and love to speak Odia as well. Ankita's hotness you can see in her insta posts and Odia item songs. She has the hottest slim figure and beautiful face, which is making a huge fan following in odia industry. 

    Sweety Chabra another hottest non-odia actress in ollywood. Sweety is known for oops Bali Laila song from Odia movie Tiger. Sweety's hotness you can see in her social media posts and in various item songs. She has the hottest figure and beautiful face. She is more active in Bhojpuri cinema rather than odia. Her hotness in Odia song Oops Bali Laila, taking her to 4th place in this list. 

    Krishnapriya Chhotray one of the popular item song dancers in ollywood. Krishnapriya danced in various Odia item songs. She is pretty much stylish and active in social media. She has a hot figure and a pretty face.  Her hotness in Odia item song, taking her to 3rd place in this list. 

    Bidusmita, One of the beautiful and sexiest actresses of the Ollywood industries. She is knowing for hotness in item songs. She has a unique personality in Ollywood. Nowadays Bidusmita is one of the leading item girls in Ollywood. Her hottest performance in  “A Gai kaahar song” , “Sexy Bilei item song” and other Odia movies taking her to 2nd position in this list. 

    The name Rani Pand, Now an internet sensation after her hottest videos of Blouse top removing in Jatra gone viral on the internet. She is one of the sexiest actresses in ollywood after Bidusmita. The reason behind the number one position in this list is her hottest dancing performance in Odia item songs, Jatra, and hottest photoshoot. Now Rani pretty much busy with social work, and she is the more controversial actress in ollywood now for her comments on different topics. Her talking style is a little funny, which is more viral on the internet by Odia memer.

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    Rani Panda, Bidusmita Dash Mantry, Krishnapriya Chhotray, Sweety Chabra, Ankita Bhoumic, Riyana Shukla, Lovely Ahmed, Antra Biswas, Cookies Swain, Megha Ghosh

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