Manoj Das An Incredible Story Teller by Dinabandhu Nayak

The State of Odisha has been blessed with a number of glorious sons, in every field. Arts, Music, Dance, Sports, Academics and Literature, every where the Odia people have show cased their unimaginable skills. The Odia Literature is one of the major source of representation of the state. Manoj Das, the famous story writer, educator and an author always tops the list when it comes to writing. If we compare with the modern Odia literature, then Manoj Das is the name that should come in comparison with Fakir Mohan Senapati, the Byasa Kabi of Odia Literature. 
Manoj Das An Incredible Story Teller by Dinabandhu Nayak

Manoj Das 's Short stories, both in Odia and English, his novels and special columns, ever enthrall the reader. Only a true reader can understand Manoj Das and his writings. If you ever read his short stories and novels, there is a 100 % chance that you will end up either with goosebumps or with tears in your eyes. He is one of the creative and majestic story teller who uses the words in a magical way that binds the flavour to the fiction.

Manoj Das Biography :

Manoj Das was born on 27 February 1934 in a remote coastal area of the Balasore district. Balasore is a place in Odisha which has provided the true literature legends like Fakir Mohan.

During his childhood, he grew up witnessing the tremendous beauty of nature and thrilling surroundings. At the age of 8, Manoj also witnessed a devastating cyclone that hit hard the coast and ruined the life of his village people.

In search of some panacea for human suffering he became a revolutionary youth leader while in college, leading several agitations, courting jail, becoming unopposed President of the University Law College Union, General Secretary of the Students Federation and playing an active role in the Afro-Asian Students Conference at Bandung, Indonesia, in 1956.

Manoj Das had worked for too many press media as a prominent columnist, both in English and Odia dailies including The Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Hindu, all major Odia dailies.

Manoj published a book of Oriya poems when he was in school. He started bringing out a literary journal named as Digantika.

Manoj was an active participant in every events of his college. He followed the Marxism and went up to become a leader. While his pen spoke louder than his actions, he energetically participated in every functions. He also used to act in dramas during his college life.

But in 1963, he travelled to Pondicherry and is presently teaching English as a professor at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education.

Manoj Das Odia Literature :

The short stories of Manoj Das are highly creative and gives the reader a feel of mesmerizing. His perfect blend of words and maturity holds the reader attuned to the story. Some of his best short stories in Odia are as follows.

  • Upakatha Sataka
  • Abu Purusha
  • Sesa Basantara Chithi, 1966
  • Manoj Dasanka Katha O Kahani, 1971
  • Dhumabha Diganta O Anyana Kahani, 1971
  • Manoj-pancha-bimsati, 1977
  • Samudra-kulara Eka Grama (Balya Smruti), 1996
  • Aranyaka; (adapted to Aranyaka, 1994)
  • Bhinna Manisha O Anyana Kahani
  • Abupurusha O Anyana Kahani
  • Lakshmira Abhisara
  • Abolakara Kahani
  • Aranya Ullasha

Manoj Das has also written some of the best travelouges from hia travelling experiences. 

  • Travelogues 
  • Kete Diganta (Part I)Kete Diganta (Part -II) 
  • Antaranga Bharata (Part I) (My Little India) 
  • Antaranga Bharata (Part II) 
  • Dura-durantara 
  • Adura Bidesh – 2004

Admired with a great poetic sense, the writer has penned down some exciting poems with magnificent word skills and rhythmic temporament.

  • Manoj Das Poetry
  • Tuma Gaan O Anyanya Kabita, 1992
  • Kabita Utkala
Nevertheless, he has also created the literatures on history and culture of India.

  • Manoj Das History and Culture Books
  • Bharatara Aitihya: Shateka Prashnara Uttara,1999
  • Manoj Das Paribesita Upakatha Shataka (Tales Told by Mystics), 2002
  • Mahakalara Prahelika O Anyana Jijnansa, 2006
  • Jibana Jijnasa o Smaraika Stabaka
  • Prajna Pradeepika
Manoj Das English Literature :
Manoj Das's first collection of short stories in English was published in 1967, and several more have followed, including a novel, The Tiger at Twilight.
His other English works include Chasing the Rainbow, Manoj Das Stories, The lady who died one and half times and other fantasies, Submerged Valley and other Stories etc.

Manoj Das's Awards :

Mr. Das has received too many awards for literature and education including the Sahitya Akademi Award, the Orissa Sahitya Akademi Award, the Sarala Award, the Sahitya Bharati Award, the Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad Award, the Sri Aurobindo Puraskar, the honorary Emeritus Professorship of Berhampur University.

He is the first ever writer from Odisha to be awarded with the Kendra Sahitya Ekademi award which is India's highest literature award.

Padma Shri Award, the fourth highest honorary award was given to Mr. Das in 2001 for his achievements in the field of Literature and Education.

He was awarded with the Saraswati Samman in 2000 for his huge contribution to Odia literature.

Manoj Das, the name in the field of literature is as unique as the great story writers of modern time. He basically writes non-fictions but based on reality of the society. His inner conscience is best  in his works. If the reader start reading his collection of short stories,  Manoj Das nka Katha o Kahani,  the reader will be astonished to see the level of creativity by Manoj Das starting from Apahruta Topi Ra Rahasya to Aranyaka through Laxmi ra abhisara, Janha Ratira Setu and Kua etc. There is indeed no match found for Manoj Das w rules the Odia literature empire as a Boss. 

Written By: Dinabandhu Nayak
From: Odisha

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