BSE Odisha makes changes in class 10 exam pattern and syllabus

The Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha has reconsidered the exam pattern and syllabus for the High School Certificate Examination which will be conducted in 2019. Lots of changes have been introduced in the paper pattern.

About changed exam pattern:

The change has been done in the objective part of the question paper while the subjective part of the question paper will remain unchanged.

According to the changed pattern, the current three Objective sets of question papers will be replaced by four parallel sets of questions.

The current distribution of marks will also be changed from 10 and 5 marks to 7 and 8 marks respectively in both Social Science and General Science papers.

Note: A student will have to secure a minimum of 15 qualifying marks in subjective and objective papers separately to pass the examination in each subject.

Apart from all this, the Board is planning to do away with the OMR completely for High School Certificate Examination by 2020.

BSE Odisha makes changes in class 10 exam pattern and syllabus

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