Patanjali Jeans "Paridhan" will Launch in This Year

After giving sleepless nights to FMCG giants such as Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, and Colgate, Patanjali is all set to launch its jeans and other clothing, brand ‘Paridhan’ by the end of this year, Patanjali MD and co-founder Acharya Balkrishan said in a TV interview. 

Also, Balkrishna hinted that the jeans and other products would be made using cotton and natural products, especially those produced in our country.

While global and Indian players selling jeans in the country have found brand loyalty among customers, Patanjali would have to come up with innovative products to appeal to buyers.

Balkrishna  also said "We want to give the maximum benefit of our product to the farmers. Our products would be of good quality and low priced to be affordable for all sections of the society. Of course, it would have the swadeshi touch in it."

A team had been formed in Noida to handle the company's apparel business. Patanjali would open 100 exclusive stores in metros as well as non-metros, he said. 

Patanjali Jeans Paridhan will Launch in This Year

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