Odisha Introduce Robotics education in schools Soon

The Odisha government plans to shortly introduce robotics education in school to attract students towards science. This Process will begin with 10 model schools in various districts of Odisha. After its success, the course will be introduced in all the government schools.

Odisha government has already discussed with a Bangalore-based company to implement the project in the state. The agency name is "Sirena Technologies Private Limited"."The agency is already running the programme in various schools in Karnataka. 

Odisha School and mass education secretary Pradipta Mohapatra said, "We had received a proposal from them and decided that it would be a great way of value addition among the students. This will help children develop their skills in robotics and artificial intelligence from an early age."

He also said, "Currently, the course has been introduced in a school in Berhampur and other schools have proposed to introduce it. A workshop has been conducted in KIIT campus too."

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Odisha Introduce Robotics education in schools Soon

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