Rs 11,000 FD for every newborn girl, Announce by Oxxy - Odia360

In a bid to bridge gender inequality, one of India's largest healthcare network, Oxxy has announced to give a fixed deposit worth Rs 11,000 to every registered newborn girl to help fund her education or professional goals.

Under the Oxxy Girl Child Development Programme, every girl born in the country, whose parents register for the same, will be given Rs 11,000 fixed deposit at the time of birth. "This is irrespective of the religion, social status or geographical location of the parents," Oxxy said in a statement.

"Girls could use this money judiciously at age18. when they are an adult. It may be used for their education, professional goals or whatever they want to do. The money is for them to enable a better future for themselves and no one else will have any right to it,".

Under the programme, an expecting mother has to register before she is three-months pregnant. The organizational support shall guide her as per the global recommended tests so that the baby is healthier and mother can also be taken care of.In case a girl child is born, an interest-paying "fixed deposit of Rs 11,000 will be made in the name of the child which may be linked to her Aadhaar card and bank account. She can access it when she turns 18 without any restrictions," the statement said.

Expecting mothers, during their pregnancy, have to register on Oxxy Health App available on the play store.Oxxy is India's largest healthcare network with over two lakh health centers spread in 1,500 cities.

According to Pankaj Gupta, the founder Oxxy, "This programme is not funded by the government, taxpayers or any foreign foundations. The entire facilitation of funds will be made by Oxxy along with its 1.5 lakh healthcare network partners."

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