8,000 Rs Bedaquiline T.B. medicine free from april month in odisha

             Soon the medicine "Bedaquiline" will available in Odisha for free of cost.Bedaquiline is the active substance in a TB drug which is also sometimes known by the trade name of Sirturo.Bedaquiline is used in combination with other TB drugs to treat pulmonary TB in adults when they have multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

8,000 Rs Bedaquiline T.B. medicine free from april month in odisha

            One single tablet cost approx. 8,000 Rs.But in India, it will cost totally free.And a patient can get the profit of 6 lakh Rs.Because T.B. is needed six months to cure.Indian government started this process with "Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program".As per report Odisha at the 7th place for this process, and odisha already got lots of medicines in stock.From April this process will start. By using this medicine a patient can cure in 9 to 11 months.For more information visit the nearest nodal center.

           For stopping corruption this medicine will available in nodal center only.The patient has to admit here after this patient will take 100 mg double dose for 15 days.Then the patient have to start next bedaquiline medicine course from district T.B. officer for five months.  

           A single course of bedaquiline consists of 188 tablets and lasts a patient six months and each course is sold at $900 (58639 Rs) in markets like South Africa, one person said on condition of anonymity. In the US, bedaquiline is priced at $30,000 (Rs 19.45 lakh) for one course.As per report Johnson & Johnson and Mylan have proposed measures expected to make their multi-drug resistant tuberculosis medicines available in India at lower rates to ensure patients continue to get access to them after free supplies to the country are stopped, people familiar with the matter said. 

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