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Odisha Major Waterfalls List

              As we know Odisha is one of the major attraction states of India.There are lots of things is major attraction like temples, Zoo, Waterfalls and more thngs.So we listed here some major waterfalls of Odisha.

image credit: indianholiday

Badaghagara Waterfall
Barehipani Falls
Devkund Waterfall
Duduma Waterfalls
Joranda Falls
Khandadhar Falls, Kendujhar
Khandadhar Falls, Sundagarh
Koilighugar Waterfall
Sanaghagara Waterfall
Dian Jhar (Diudhar waterfall), Cuttack

Information Source: Wikipedia, Google

Here we have collected this information from public domain and internet, We are not the copyright owner.Here some information is modified for informational purposes.If you think something missing then you can comment below.