Michhei Jhia Movie Cast, Crew, Release Date, Poster, Information

Tarang Cine Production has announced that its new movie will be titled "Michhei Jhia" which will star a multi-talented cast that includes Jayjeet Das, Tamanna Vyas, Anjana Das, Rajesh Panda, Mamta Nanda, Disco Reddy, Rakhi Dash, Sukesh Panda, and others. The movie is directed by Mrutyunjaya Sahoo.

Michhei Jhia Movie Cast, Crew, Release Date, Poster, Information

Michhei Jhia Story

"Michhei Jhia" is a comedy and love story transcending time and circumstances. It weaves a narrative that explores the depths of love and emotions. With Debidutta Mohanty as the screenplay writer and Jitendra Baral as the dialogue writer, the film takes the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions.

Michhei Jhia Information

Movie Michhei Jhia
Story Screenplay Debidutta Mohanty
Dialogue Jitendra Baral
Director Mrutyunjaya Sahoo
Music Director Abhijit Majumdar
Lyrics Dr. Nirmala Nayak, Umakant Nayak
Singer Swayam Padhi, Tariq Aziz, Amrita Nayak, Lipsha Mahapatra
Choreography Sudhakar Vasanth
Director of Photography (DOP) Soumya
Editor Rajesh Dash
Post Production Moon Tv Studio
Producer Sachikanta Jena
Executive Producer Tribhuban Panda
Chief Executive Producer Debidutta Mohanty
Creative Head Ranjan Satpathy

Michhei Jhia Star Cast

  • Jayjeet Das
  • Tamanna Vyas
  • Anjana Das
  • Rajesh Panda
  • Mamta Nanda
  • Disco Reddy
  • Rakhi Dash
  • Sukesh Panda
Tamanna Vyas
Tamanna Vyas

Michhei Jhia Poster

Michhei Jhia Movie Cast, Crew, Release Date, Poster, Information
Picture: tarangplus

Faqs about Michhei Jhia

1. Where can I watch "Michhei Jhia"?

You can watch the film on Tarang plus official website and app.

2. Who are the lead actors in the film?

"Michhei Jhia" stars Tamanna Vyas in the lead roles.

3. Is the film available with subtitles for non-Odia speakers?

Subtitles may be available, but checking the platform for specific language options is best.

4. What was the inspiration behind the film's storyline?

The film explores the depths of love and emotions and is a unique take on romance in the Odia context.

5. How has "Michhei Jhia" contributed to Odia cinema?

The film has significantly impacted, setting a standard for storytelling and filmmaking in the Odia film industry.

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