Shweta Tiwari stuns in a pink polka dot swimsuit during pool day

 The entertainment industry is getting ready for a stylish summer, complete with beach trips, poolside lounging, and soaking up the sun. Shweta Tiwari is one celebrity who's already enjoying her time at the nearest pool, as evidenced by her recent Instagram post where she's seen taking a dip with her son. 

Shweta Tiwari stuns in a pink polka dot swimsuit during pool day
Image Credit: Instagram/Shweta Tiwari

Her fun-filled pool days are always accompanied by fashionable swimwear, and her latest pick is a vibrant pink halter-neck swimsuit with polka dots. The addition of polka dots to any swimsuit instantly brings a playful touch to the overall look, and Shweta Tiwari's plunging neckline and tropical flower in her hair add to the pool day vibe. 

She prefers minimal makeup with just eyeliner and believes in enjoying the moment without a care in the world. Swimming and splashing around is Shweta Tiwari's idea of a perfect and stylish day in the pool, and it's hard not to agree.

Despite being a busy mom, Shweta Tiwari still finds time to unwind and relax by the pool. And who says busy moms can't look fashionable while doing so? Shweta Tiwari certainly does, as she rocks a white ruffle bikini top and a pink bikini bottom to achieve a color-block look. She completes the outfit with a pair of sunglasses because with a bright future ahead, one needs to protect their eyes.

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