Guddu Gangster Odia Movie Cast, Crew, Release Date, Poster, Information

 Welcome to our detailed article on the highly anticipated Odia movie, Guddu Gangster. Here, we provide you with all the essential information you need, including the release date, cast and crew, trailer, showtimes, poster, box office collection, budget, FAQs, and more. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of Guddu Gangster!

Guddu Gangster Movie Release Date

Superstar Sidhant Mohapatra's much-awaited Odia movie, Guddu Gangster, is set to hit theaters during the upcoming Raja festival. While the exact release date is yet to be announced, fans can expect an enthralling cinematic experience in the near future.

Guddu Gangster Cast/Crew

Directed by the talented Ashok Pati, Guddu Gangster is the second film produced under the banner of Anasmish Production & Amara Studios. The movie is brought to life by the creative vision of producers Pritam Sahu and Naveen Bhandari. Director Ashok Pati promises a delightful blend of love, romance, comedy, action, and a touch of the supernatural, ensuring an engaging experience from start to finish.

Director Ashok Pati
DOP Swarnaprasad (Bubu)
Singers Kuldeep Pattnaik, Humane Sagar, Swayam Padhi, Aseema Panda, Antara, Navya Jyati
Music Director Asad Nizam
Lyricists Puspak Parida, Ranjan Nayak, Tapu Nayak
Editor Manas Sahoo
Story & Screenplay Bharadwaj Panda
Production Designer Dukhishyam Rath
Associate Director Manas Mohapatra
Choreography Amit Nayak
Producers Pritam Sahu and Naveen Bhandari
Production House Anasmish Production & Amara Studios

Guddu Gangster boasts an impressive lineup of talented actors and singers. The movie features the charismatic Sidhant Mohapatra and Namrata Thappa, along with Sailendra Samantray, Sivani Sangita, Eli Padhi, Krishna Kar (KK), Bobby Mishra, Rakhi Dash, Choudhary Jayprakash, and Sambhunath Hota. 

The director of photography (DOP) for the film is Swarnaprasad (Bubu), while the music direction is masterfully handled by Asad Nizam. The soulful voices of Kuldeep Pattnaik, Humane Sagar, Swayam Padhi, Aseema Panda, Antara, and Navya Jyati bring the movie's enchanting melodies to life. 

Notably, Suryamayi lends her captivating vocals to the movie's promotional song. The talented lyricists Puspak Parida, Ranjan Nayak, and Tapu Nayak, along with editor Manas Sahoo, add their creative prowess to enhance the overall cinematic experience. Bharadwaj Panda is credited with the story and screenplay, while Dukhishyam Rath takes on the role of the production designer. The movie's associate director is Manas Mohapatra, and the choreography is skillfully executed by Amit Nayak.

Guddu Gangster Trailer

The official teaser of Guddu Gangster was released on Amar Muzik's YouTube channel, offering a glimpse into the thrilling narrative of the movie. You can watch the captivating Guddu Gangster Odia movie trailer below and share your rating and review in the comments.

Guddu Gangster Showtimes

Once the release date is confirmed, Guddu Gangster will be screened at various theaters across Odisha. To find the showtimes for the movie, you can check the local cinema listings or visit popular ticket booking platforms closer to the release date.

Guddu Gangster Poster

The intriguing poster of Guddu Gangster showcases the key characters and sets the tone for the movie. Stay tuned for the official poster release, which will provide a visual representation of the film's essence and themes.

Guddu Gangster Odia Movie Cast, Crew, Release Date, Poster, Information

Guddu Gangster Budget

According to reliable sources, the estimated budget for Guddu Gangster is approximately 1.2 crores. However, please note that this figure is subject to change, and we will update you with the exact production cost once it becomes available.

FAQs Regarding Guddu Gangster

What is the budget for the Odia movie Guddu Gangster?

The estimated budget for Guddu Gangster is around 1.2 crores.

Was Guddu Gangster a hit or flop?

As the movie is yet to be released, it is premature to determine its commercial success. However, given the talented cast, captivating storyline, and the anticipation surrounding Guddu Gangster, it holds great potential to captivate audiences and make a mark at the box office.

Who is the actor in the Guddu Gangster Odia movie?

The talented Sidhant Mohapatra is one of the lead actors in Guddu Gangster.

Who is the star cast of Guddu Gangster?

The star-studded cast of Guddu Gangster includes Sidhant Mohapatra, Namrata Thappa, Sailendra Samantray, Sivani Sangita, Eli Padhi, Krishna Kar (KK), Bobby Mishra, Rakhi Dash, Choudhary Jayprakash, and Sambhunath Hota.

Who is the director of the Odia movie Guddu Gangster?

The director of Guddu Gangster is Ashok Pati, known for his creative prowess in the Odia film industry.

Who is the heroine of the Odia movie Guddu Gangster?

Namrata Thappa portrays the lead female role in the movie, captivating the audience with her talent and charm.

Where can I watch the Guddu Gangster Odia movie?

Guddu Gangster will be released in theaters, allowing the audience to enjoy the cinematic experience on the big screen. Stay updated with local cinema listings and online ticket booking platforms to secure your seats.

What is the collection of the Odia movie Guddu Gangster?

The box office collection of Guddu Gangster will be updated post-release, reflecting its popularity and success among the audience.

What is the release date of the Guddu Gangster Odia movie?

The exact release date of Guddu Gangster will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for updates from the film's production team and official sources to plan your visit to the theater accordingly.

Guddu Gangster Movie OTT Platform Name?

As of now, Guddu Gangster is scheduled for a theatrical release. Information regarding its availability on OTT platforms will be provided at a later stage.

Guddu Gangster Review/Rating

Stay tuned for the review of Guddu Gangster, which will provide an in-depth analysis of the movie's storyline, performances, and overall impact. Additionally, the IMDb rating and Wikipedia entry for Guddu Gangster will offer further insights into the movie's reception and popularity.

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