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2023 All Sankranti Dates in Odia Calendar

According to Wikipedia, Sankranti means transmigration of the Sun from one Rāshi to the next. Hence, there are 12 Sankranti in a year. Each Sankranti is marked as the beginning of a month in the sidereal solar calendars followed in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Tulu Nadu region of Karnataka, Punjab, Odisha, Mithila region of Bihar, and Nepal. 

2023 All Sankranti Dates in Odia Calendar

On the other hand, in the sidereal solar Bengali calendar and Assamese calendar, a Sankranti is marked as the end of each month and the day following as the beginning of a new month.

    Here in this article, we have shared the full list of Sankranti in 2023, Odia with the exact start and end times.

    January 15, 2023, Sunday

    Makara Sankranti

    February 13, 2023, Monday

    Kumbha Sankranti

    March 15, 2023, Wednesday

    Meena Sankranti

    April 14, 2023, Friday

    Mesha Sankranti
    Solar New Year

    May 15, 2023, Monday

    Vrishabha Sankranti

    June 15, 2023, Thursday

    Mithuna Sankranti

    July 16, 2023, Sunday

    Karka Sankranti

    August 17, 2023, Thursday

    Simha Sankranti

    September 17, 2023, Sunday

    Vishwakarma Puja
    Kanya Sankranti

    October 18, 2023, Wednesday

    Tula Sankranti

    November 17, 2023, Friday

    Vrishchika Sankranti

    December 16, 2023, Saturday

    Dhanu Sankranti

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    The mentioned dates and information in each month are collected from various astrology websites/sources, calenders. Before proceeding you may cross-check with the Hindu priest or astrologer. Further, if you think the suggestion is needed please let us know via email.

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