Ollywood Princess Elina Samantray Looking Stunning in Green Transparent Saree

Elina Samantray is one of the few actresses who can effortlessly pull off roles that have scope for acting as well as glamour which has found her a unique place in the audience's mind. Elina a few months back posted pics that show her stunning transformation from a slightly plumpish figure to ultra-slim which pleasantly surprised her followers and fans. 

Ollywood Princess Elina Samantray Looking Stunning in a Saree

Elina has now shared stills from her latest photoshoot in which she is wearing a hot transparent green saree complemented by a pink color blouse. She is also wearing matching ornaments. Well, as always actress looking damn hot.

She has captioned it "Let’s just smile and get through all the problems & pain. Spreading positivity and smiles are what is the most important thing I believe. Love & only love to everyone💛 Remember we all are in this together!! Let’s fight bravely. PS: stay safe.. stay home & love you!!🤗❤️"

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