Rourkela Girl Bhagyashree Sahu In PM's Man Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Praises Rourkela Girl Bhagyashree Sahu In #Man_Ki_Baat For Her Beautiful Painting On Soft Stone, Waste Glass Bottle And Other Waste Materials.

Rourkela Girl Bhagyashree Sahu In PM's Man_Ki_Baat
Picture: Satya News Alert/Facebook

Odisha's art has once again received national acclaim after Prime Minister Narendra Modi today lauded the art of Bhagyashree Sahu, daughter of Rourkela, in Mann Ki Baat.  Modi said that the way Bhagyashree, an engineering student has achieved in the past few days by adopting a painting has been commendable.

Commenting on Bhagyashree's personality, Modi said the most important thing in what she was painting was.  On his way to college, Bhagyashree collects soft stones and worked on them for two hours a day.  Give these to the shape of pictures and gifts to friends.

No #Guru was there to teach Bhagyashree with a brush.  As a child, she was addicted to painting images of Jagannath.  But in a  busy life, there was a lack of time.  Lock Down became blessings. The image of Jagannath, perfectly collected in stone, glass bottles, fuse balls, and gardens she collected beautifully paired by her. 

She has been the focus of national discussion on social media.  Today, the prime minister's praise has boosted her self-confidence.  Bhagyashree Sahu, an M.Tech student studying in Dhenkanal staying at Sector 19, Rourkela.

Source: Satya News Alert Facebook

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