Odisha Government selects Supriya Nayak for Coronavirus Awareness TVC

Odisha Government has selected ollywood actress Supriya Nayak for Coronavirus Awareness TVC for the welfare of the people of the state and the rest of India. Supriya is much popular in Odisha Film Industry (Ollywood). Supriya is the Journalism & Film Production student at Lovely professional university.

Odisha Government selects Supriya Nayak for Coronavirus Awareness TVC
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In fact, Odisha CMO expedites suspected coronavirus sample testing process, ‘Odisha set up’ as the first coronavirus testing facility at Regional Medical Research Centre in the state. With the establishment of the facility, RMRC can now test suspected coronavirus samples faster.

In the TVC released by the government, Supriya is seen awakening the common people, along with certain symbolic affected characters: “Let’s take a few basic steps and save ourselves from coronavirus”.

She also shares that it is her first-ever TVC and that too for the awareness of the people all across the state and the country. CM Naveen Pattnaik has also tweeted that only by being careful and vigilant one can prevent it: “Be aware of yourself and your family, friends, and others through this alert video.”

Odisha Government selects Supriya Nayak for Coronavirus Awareness TVC

Supriya shares: “With pride and warmth, I am sharing my first ever TVC which is by Odisha Govt. Hon’ble CM Mr. Naveen Pattnaik invited me to do so and liked the output. Chief Minister Odisha, Mr. Pattnail was the first one to tweet the video. I have always engaged myself in saving the environment in my own ways and encourage people to do the same. But, little did I know that I will work with the Government for my state’s people. Make them aware and educate them about the terror of CoronaVirus.”

Supriya Nayak is an Odia actress, known popularly for her big hit movies Biju Babu (2019), Only Pyaar (2018) and the first movie Love Pain Kuchh Bhi Karega (2016). Supriya Nayak who entered the glamour industry through a reality show ‘Mu Bi Heroine Hebi’, is now impressing her fans with her versatility.

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