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Mo Bus An Optimum Public Transportation Initiative by Odisha Government

                 The State of Odisha customarily connects the three major city hubs; the Silver City Cuttack, the Capital city of Bhubaneswar and the Shree Khetra Puri. It is so casual that passengers of all kinds including office goers, school and college students, daily workers and even shoppers and visitors inter travel among these three prominent cities. So, it is obvious that a huge portion of the public depends upon the public transport facility linking the twin cities and Puri. From badambadi bus stand at Cuttack, private bus services, as well as some government buses (like OSRTC and DTS City bus), are often available to reach Bhubaneswar and Puri. On a similar tone, buses and return buses are always available to and fro the three cities. Erstwhile, rail services also link the three,  but it normally consumes much time as compared to the bus services.

The problem arises when the passenger wants comfort and a timely reach. The private buses run according to their time table and they always fail to listen to the passengers. Also, the greedy bus drivers and conductors, overload the bus with people and the passengers had no choice but to travel by these.

Sri Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, has started something new and innovative like it were available in some of the metro cities before, the Mo Bus Service. Keeping an eye on the upcoming election, it is time to please the voters and Naveen has succeeded in doing so. The Mo Bus transport service currently running within the twin cities Cuttack and Bhubaneswar has future plans and proposals to give a blast to connect all the four major hubs of Odisha: Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Khordha and Puri, constituting a variety of buses, AC and Non AC, with reasonable prices and in a systematic and modernized manner. As a public transport service, the Mo Bus is gaining more positive and less negative responses. Let's have a look at the Mo Bus.

About and Launch :

A public transport facility, specially developed to provide the passengers with a relaxed and comfortable journey, Mo Bus services are being run under The Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT). The CRUT, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which comes under the housing and Urban Development Department of the Government of Odisha has row backed a fleet of 310 buses to and from Bhubaneswar.

The current route of the buses is linking Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, and Puri, while the Government has planned to run the bus services in all other regions over time.

Mo Bus service was inaugurated on 6 November 2018, by The Chief Minister of Odisha, Sri Naveen Patnaik.

Mo Bus, The Features:

With automated doors opening and closing at all the stops, all the Mo Buses are designed to enter and exit at two separate doors.

CCTV cameras with high resolution and sensors have been installed inside each and every bus. Also, the facility to use free Wi-Fi are equipped.

The state government has launched an application named Mo Bus, available on Play Store and IOS, which can be downloaded and used for Online Ticket Booking, Online Mo Pass generating and tracking the bus's live status.

Another interesting thing,  an automated fare collection system is also there for commuters in the form of the Odyssey City Card.

Mo Bus Que Shelters :

Keeping the convenience of the passengers using Mo bus at the first priority,  the CRUT has designed new Bus Queue Shelters at some of the designated places where buses stop for passengers to board or alight.

The design of the Bus Queue Shelters includes seating area, back-lit signage board with MO BUS network map & GPS enabled Passenger Information System (PIS).

AC and Non AC Buses :

Currently, the buses are running in two terminals both comprising of AC and non AC buses. The common people are complaining that they are facing trouble to choose between an AC bus and a non AC bus.

It may be noted that the AC buses are all blue colored with large bullet proof glasses all closed and air tight.

On the other hand, the non AC buses are all in green colors with openable windows those are mostly found open.

Also, the buses are notified on the front displaying panels, reading A for AC buses and non-sign for a non AC bus.

Passenger Appreciation and Remarks on Mo Bus :
The Mo Bus services have revolutionized transport service in Odisha to some extent. It is, of course, a relief for those passengers who had to make it really hard to travel to the Capital. The  Mo Bus incurs less rush and a highly modernized service to travel swiftly and comfortably. Mo Bus is being proved as safest and dignitary way of transportation for women and children.

Most people are complaining about the price chart of Mo Bus. The AC buses charging as high as 50 rupees for a tour from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar and vice versa. The common people need to understand that AC charges are excluded from the best price. If someone is not willing to travel by the AC buses he or she may travel by the non AC bus. And yes there is also an option for free ticket booking online using the mobile app Mo Bus. Online passes from the application can also be purchased which will prove more economical and satisfactory. The senior citizens and kids are also provided from paying the full ticket price and compensable concession are given to them.
Mo Bus An Optimum Public Transportation Initiative by Odisha Government By Dinabandhu Nayak
Written By: Dinabandhu Nayak
From: Odisha
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