Top 10 All Time Favorite Famous Odia Foods by Dinabandhu Nayak

The State of Odisha is not only famous for its rich culture and natural resources but also for its delicious finger-licking foods. Be it spicy or sweet, be it cheesy or meat, the food habits of Odia people has always been different. Wherever you go, to any of the 30 districts and to hundreds of cities in the state, you can have the taste of mouth-watering foods. Here is a list of Top 10 famous foods from famous Cities of Odisha. Have a look. 

Top 10 All Time Favorite Famous Odia Foods by Dinabandhu Nayak

#1. Dahibara Aloodam from Cuttack

Cuttack, the Silver City of Odisha is famous for the silver filigree works and for of course best known for its tasty Dahibara Aloodam. It is a type of dish that is both healthy and tasty in away. Dahibara is a dish made by putting Bada in thick Dahi (curd) mixed with the flavor of pepper salt, coriander leaves, and mint leaves. The Aloodam is a tasty curry made of potatoes with thick gravy. The dish is so popular in Cuttack that even it is known outside Odisha and India also. Some famous Dahibara stalls in Cuttack can be found at ‘Kanika Chhaka (Trinath Sahoo Dahibara), Bidanasi (Raghu Dahibara).

#2. Biri Bara from Dhenakanal

Dhenkanal, the city of Kailash, is popular for its Biri Bara and Aloo Kasha. Biri (black gram)  is soaked in water for about 6 hours then well ground is deep-fried in oil and served hot with Aloo Kasha. Aloo Kasha is a thick gravy dish of potato, which tastes yummy. The Biri Bara stall can be found in every square of Dhenkanal namely at Ganesh Bazaar, Vapur Bazaar, etc.

#3. Mudhi Mansa from Baripada

Baripada a town in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha is famous for its traditional food Mudhi Mansa. Mudhi (puffed rice) is believed to be a better diet for the digestion of food. Mansa is spicy mutton curry and is mixed with Mudhi and often served with a side dish like salad. This food is synonymous to Baripada and even the Barats are also offered with Mudhi Mansa in a wedding feast. One of the popular hotels for enjoying the dish is Hotel Garma Garam in Baripada.

#4. Rasabali from Kendrapada

 One of the mouth licking cuisines of Odisha, Rasabali is a never forgettable dish once you have a bite. Rasabali is offered to Baladeview and originated in the Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara. It is one of the Chapana bhoga of Jagannath temple. It consists of deep-fried flattened reddish-brown patties of chhena (farmer cheese) that are soaked in thickened, sweetened milk (rabri). Famous stalls are Kesharpur Bazaar and Marshaghai Bazaar.

#5. Rasagola From Salipur, Cuttack

Sweet Sweet!  Sweet mane Rasagola!  Whether be it a function or party, or while traveling to the relative’s, Rasagola comes first in the list of Odia people. Although it is a Sweet it is often served as a dessert. Made from cheese and sugar it is indeed a yummy sweet to taste. Salipur is famous for Rasagola and some main stalls are Kara stalls and Bk stalls.

#6. Chhena Jhilli from Nimapada

This one is another mouth-watering dessert cum sweet dish from the cuisine of Odisha. The land of Lord Jagannath,  Puri, and inside there the village of Nimaada is famous for this awesome dish. It is prepared by dipping fried cheese in sugar syrup.

#7. Gajja From Balasore

If you are a sweet lover then this dish is absolute for you. Semolina and sugar mixed together and blend, dried deep-fried before again wrapped into sugar syrup solution make awesome sweets called Gajja. In Balasore, most of the sweet shops offer Gajjas at a relatively less price.

#8. Paula Ladu from Bhadrak

Well, this one is a traditional one from Bhadrak. It is basically a Laddu made of some special kind of grains. The ingredients are still a secret. The famous stall is the Sai sweet stall in Bhadrak.

#9. Chaula Bara From Sambalpur/Bolangir

Both the southern districts of Odisha are famous for a special type of Bara made of rice. Water-soaked rice well ground and deep-fried in oil tastes crispy and crunchy to eat. It is also served with spicy chutneys and sauce.

#10. Achhar Papad from Berhampur

Achar (pickle)  and Pampad (Papad)  are a part of Odia cuisines. Every meal is incomplete without these two. Hand made pickles of different flavors like Mango, Lemon, Garlic, Berries, Dates, Chilies blend the perfect taste of tongue. Likewise, the papads made of rice, moong, urad mixed with jeers, and spices are not only yummy but also well suit for health.

If you have never tried these awesome foods ever, have a try and taste the delicacies of Odia foods.

Written By: Dinabandhu Nayak
From: Odisha

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