Common Payment Card System (CPCS) for Bhubaneswar - Pay for all with one card

Odisha becomes Digital OdishaSoon. Government of Odisha, on Monday, the 4th of September 2017, approved selection of ICICI Bank as the successful financial institution for implementation of Common Payment Card System in the city of Bhubaneswar. 

ICICI Bank, as the implementing agency will be making an investment of approximately Rs. 20 Crores for the city wide implementation of the system.

The civic body is all set to lunch the common payment card system under which several city-level civic services would be digitally linked for payment with a single card. 

The system will facilitate citizen service payments across the city, including bus and para-transit payments, parking payments, municipal service payment and utility payments through smart card.

Under the initiative, the ICICI bank will design and make available at least 5 lakh smart cards, which citizens, visitors and other users will be able to buy through payment of a minimum top up of Rs 200 per card. 

A one-time fee of Rs 50 per card will be retained by the bank as production cost. An official of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation said that the service was likely to be launched later this month.

Deputy commissioner (revenue), Srimanta Mishra said that "Bhubaneswar has 1,02,502 holdings or houses, but a very low percentage of holding tax payers are paying their taxes online. Once more people come into the digital fold, the collection would be monitored easily and efficiently with better transparency in the way of cashless transactions"
Srimanta also said that the civic body was planning to start an awareness drive to make people aware about digital payment. 

Common Payment Card System (CPCS) for Bhubaneswar - Pay for all with one card

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