Register Complaint Regarding Services, 24/7 Bhubaneswar ONE Helpline

Bhubaneswar One Helpline, a unified 24X7 number to address citizens’ grievances for BMC (Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation), BDA (Bhubaneswar Development Authority), BSCL (Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited) and CRUT (Capital Region Urban Transport) has been launched on July 19, 2018, in Odisha capital.

Citizens can now call up the single toll-free number 1800-345-0061 or Landline number 0674-2548295 to register their complaints and grievances regarding all services provided by the four city agencies BMC, BSCL, BDA, and CRUT.

Toll-free number 1800-345-0061 Landline number 0674-2548295

The BSCL officials explained that the helpline will be functional 24X7 from Bhubaneswar Operations Centre (BOC), the modern command and control center where dedicated operators will work in three shifts.

“The number of phone lines will be increased over the period of time as per call frequency,” officials said. “The number 1800 345 0061, however, will remain the same,” sources said.

Under the new system, all the complaints on this unified helpline will be received by dedicated operators through Central Grievance Redressal Management System at BOC and complainants will be provided with the system generated ticket number and they will be updated periodically on the redressal status of their grievance.

The details of the complaint or grievance will be redressed by the designated Grievance Redressal Officers (GROs) of the respective agencies within a stipulated time frame, beyond which the same will be forwarded to the higher authorities for redressal.

Register Complaint Regarding Services, 24/7 Bhubaneswar ONE Helpline

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