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Odia Ollywood Actress Looks Gorgeous in Saree, Traditional Look

Hello readers, today we share some latest photos of Odia ollywood actress or ollywood divas, who really look gorgeous in saree. We collected these from Instagram stories. We hope you like this article. 

Odia Ollywood Actress Looks Gorgeous in Saree, Traditional Look

As we know Saree is our tradition cloth and seriously we feel very proud and happy when we see Odisha actress in saree. Let's check the saree swag photos of our hot ollywood divas.

Elina Samantaray

Traditional look or any western look, this actress is always looking very beautiful. Personally, I am a big fan of her. Elina is not just a name in ollywood its a brand. She looks very beautiful in saree.

Archita Sahu

Archita one of the very talented and beautiful actress of Odisha. She is the pride of Odisha. Archita looks very beautiful in western and also in traditional cloth. 
A post shared by Archita Sahu (@architaworld) on

Prakruti Mishra

The drama queen of ollywood but currently in staying in Mumbai for her tv serial.Prakruti still in heart of Odisha people. Her pretty face and style more increase when she in saree.

Jhilik Bhattacharjee

The Bengali actress very strong in ollywood movie industry, her back to back hit movies making her top in ollywood. She has a huge fan following and she looks gorgeous in saree.

Poonam Mishra

One of the pretty and cool actress of ollywood. Her pretty face and acting skill making her talented diva in ollywood.She is active in insta and she is looking very hot in saree and western wear.
A post shared by Poonam Mishra (@poonammishraofficial) on

Debjani Deghuria

Active in insta, her charming face and maintained figure making her hot diva in ollywood.No doubt debjani is the hottest actress in ollywood.When she in western or in traditional, in both she looks very hot and pretty.

Priya Choudhary

Priya maybe not active in ollywood for some years but still her hotness is active in photos. Priya looks very beautiful in saree.
A post shared by Priya Choudhury (@priyachoudhury2511) on

Shivani Sangita

Very charming and hot actress of ollywood.Day by day very strong in ollywood also. We don't need to write how she looks, all Odisha people know better but yes her last picture in saree is more beautiful that's why we add in this list.

Bhoomika Dash

More popular and youngest actress of ollywood, she is pretty and talented. Bhoomika's upcoming movie Nayak ra naa Devdas will soon in the cinema hall. She is very beautiful and her beauty is increased when she is in saree.
A post shared by Bhoomika dash (@bhoomikaofficial) on

Anubha Sourya
The pretty actress Anubha, well talented and she pretty much active ollywood.She also looks pretty in saree.
A post shared by Anubha Sourya (@anubhasourya) on

Sheetal Patra

The hottest actress of ollywood and her hotness you can see in her movies.Sheetal one of the very stylish actress in ollywood.Her hotness not just in western also in saree.

Lipsa Mishra

The pretty actress Lipsa, her last movie 4 idiots pretty good. She is the hot and talented actress. She is active in facebook and insta. Her western look is hot and in saree look is hotter.
A post shared by Lipsa Mishra (@lipsamishraactor) on

Barsha Priyadarshini

The wife of Ollywood superstar Anubhav and she is very very pretty when in saree. Her looks is very pretty when in the traditional look.
A post shared by Varshaa Priyadarshini (@varshaa_priyadarshini) on

Riya Dey

Again a Bengali actress very strong in ollywood.Pretty face, dynamic personality with talent. Perfect combinations, she looks hot in every costume. Her saree look the little bit pretty.
A post shared by Ria(swarnali) Dey (@riya_dey91) on

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