Inter-Caste Marriage Incentive 2.5 Lakhs: Odisha Government

The Odisha Government has hiked the amount Rs 2.5 lakh from Rs 1 lakh to encourage more such inter-caste marriages. The amount has been increased to keep pace with the times, said SC/ST Development Minister Ramesh Chandra Majhi. 

The hiked incentives would be implemented with retrospective effect from September 14, 2017, and be given in a marriage between upper caste Hindus and SC Hindus, he added.

The Government had last time increased the amount from  Rs 50,000 to  Rs 1 lakh in 2017. A marriage in which one of the spouses belong to the Scheduled Caste and the other belonged to a non-Scheduled Caste would be considered for the incentive.

According to the rule, the couple shall have to apply for sanction and shall have to execute a bond. The couple has to refund the amount within a year if the marriage ends in divorce within five years. The Official sources said at least 17 percent of the State’s population are Dalits.

Inter-Caste Marriage Incentive 2.5 Lakhs Odisha Government

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