Odisha’s First MEMU Train rolls out From Berhampur

Odisha's first MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) train rolled out between Berhampur and Cuttack on Friday. The train, which can accelerate and decelerate faster, will replace the Berhampur-Cuttack-Berhampur passenger.
Odisha’s First MEMU Train rolls out From Berhampur

What are MEMU Trains and How it is different from DMEU?

The Mainline Electric Multiple Unit or MEMU is a commuter rail system in India operated by the Indian Railway are designed for semi-urban and rural areas. The system uses Mainline Electrical Multiple Units (MEMU) operating on Alternating Current (AC) drawn from over-head cables through the catenary system

In a MEMU, the primary source is electrical power, collected from the overhead catenary. While in a DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Units), the primary source is diesel. A diesel engine powers an alternator and subsequently feeds the electric motors. 

More Information about Berhampur MEMU Train?

The 12-coach rake, where each coach will have a capacity of 110 passengers, has been made by the Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala in Punjab, said An official in the East Coast Railway (ECoR). Railway officials also said that the train will not consume extra time for engine reversal as the train has two engines on two ends.

The train number will be changed to 68434/68433 Berhampur-Cuttack-Berhampur Memu instead of 58434/58433 Berhampur-Cuttack-Berhampur Passenger and will run six days a week. Sources said railway zone has planned to introduce similar trains in other sections in coming days.

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