Most Popular Odia Actresses of Ollywood Movie Industry

Odia movie industry ollywood full of talent with hotness. Day by day ollywood viewers is increases and not only Odisha also other state people like to watch Odia movies. That's a big thing for ollywood. Nowadays the ollywood actress is also ruled in people's heart and on the internet.

Odisha Most Popular Actresses of Ollywood Movie Industry

Here we listed top 14 actress name and photos, who are very popular on the internet in the past year 2017 and in 2018. Let's begin...

1 Bhoomika Dash 
Bhoomika Dash
Not surprise with her name, a beautiful, young and talented actress reach the every Odisha people heart by the movie Tu Mo Love Story and Hero No1.  [See Biography & Wallpaper]

2 Elina Samantray 
Elina Samantray
After Bhumika, the prettiest, coolest, hottest and chulbuli actress Elina reaching the heart of Odisha people by her every movie, every photo, and every news. One of my favorite actress in ollywood also. [See Biography & Wallpaper]

3 Sheetal Patra 
Sheetal Patra
The stylish actress Sheetal making the place by her beautiful face, talented skill and hot figure.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

4 Shivani Sangeeta 
Shivani Sangeeta
The name Shivani is enough to know this talented girl, youngest and prettiest actress in ollywood. Taking popularity by her new movies and serials.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

5 Jhilik Bhattacharjee 
Jhilik Bhattacharjee
The Bengali girl, finest and beautiful actress of ollywood making the place by her skill, pretty face and hottest personality.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

6 Sunmeera Nagesh
Sunmeera Nagesh
She is popular for her movie "Laila O Laila", Currently signed a new movie with babusan. She is popular for her hotness and talent.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

7 Prakruti Mishra 
Prakruti Mishra
The drama queen of ollywood, and very popular for her skill also. She is an actress with a very very high-class talent. Now doing a Hindi tv serial.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

8 Jina Samal
Jina Samal
Jina, the name making a figure in every Odisha people. Her last Marriage Tv Show is very popular and that's why she is going popular.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

9 Riya Dey 
Riya Dey
Another Bengali girl, hotness queen and slim figure making her popular. Her acting skill is good but her hotness little bit more.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

10 Supriya Nayak 
Supriya Nayak
Supriya Nayak the actress who is got popularity for her song Sehjadi o sehjadi and movie Only Pyar.The actress with the hottest figure and very good talent.[See Biography & Wallpaper]

Bidusmita Dash Mantry beautiful pretty in pink t shirt
11.Bidusmita Dash

[Biography and Wallpaper]
Dipika Tripathy Odia Actress Wallpapers Photos
12. Dipika Tripathy

[Biography and Wallpaper]
Barsha Priyadarshini odia actress
13. Barsha Priyadarshini

[Biography and Wallpaper]
Lipsa Mishra Images Wallpaper
14. Lipsa Mishra

[Biography and  Wallpaper]

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Note: This list based on the internet searching, website reports
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