Without engine, train rolls back 15 km in Odisha (Ahmedabad-Puri Express) - 7 Suspended

               The 22 coaches of a train carrying hundreds of passengers rolled backward and forward for about 15 km when its engine was detached at a station in Odisha on Friday night.

              The Ahmedabad-Puri Express, which started sliding back around 9:35 pm from Titlagarh station, was stopped by placing stones on the tracks half an hour later at Kesinga station, but not before giving anxious moments to the passengers on board. No passengers were injured during the 30 km/h free roll, although it caused a scare among them.

             The Puri-bound train had arrived at Titlagarh junction in Bolangir district of Odisha at 9.35 pm on Friday night after traveling 1,460 km from Ahmedabad city on Thursday evening. From Titlagarh, the train was supposed to travel northwards to Puri via Bolangir station but rolled southwards to Kesinga station of Kalahandi, located at a higher gradient than Titlagarh.

              The already scared passengers faced more harrowing moments when it suddenly rolled back another 7 km towards a railway bridge on river Tel after reaching Kesinga station. The bogies again rolled towards Kesinga station and stopped just outside after railway employees and some passengers managed to put stones on the track to slow down the speed.

               Eight railway employees, including the two drivers of the train, were suspended pending a senior officer-level probe. “Strictest action would be initiated against the persons for any negligent act endangering the safety of trains after an inquiry is over in next three days. If necessary more officials would be suspended,” general manager of East Coast Railway, Umesh Singh said.

Source: hindustantimes

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