Planting 10 fruits trees whenever a girl child is born in Bihar,Dharhara

              Surrounded by all this violence against women, child marriage, abuse and trafficking stories we hear and see all the time around us not knowing what to do most of the time that simply crying and cursing the days for those innocent lives, here is an eyeopener which will really change your frown into a smile. A ray in the dark.

              In India, where traditionally boys have been preferred over girls, a village in backward Bihar state has been setting an example by planting trees to celebrate the birth of a girl child.In Dharhara village, Bhagalpur district, families plant a minimum of 10 trees whenever a girl child is born.And that’s not all. Unlike elsewhere, for years now girls in this village have been welcomed into the world in the most novel way: By the local community planting at least 10 fruit trees traditionally mango in celebration. New daughters here are treated as avatars of Goddess Lakshmi and stand to inherit these fruit trees as they grow up.

              Generally, the flood-ravaged districts of eastern Bihar present a scenario of abject poverty and poor development. But Dharhara is an exception. Located about 20 kilometers from the district headquarters of Bhagalpur, this village is one of the greenest pockets of the region.

              Owing to the tradition, this green village – which is surrounded by the river Ganga to the south and the unpredictable river Kosi to the north-east – is today nestled in the midst of more than 20,000 fruit-bearing trees. Sukriti, the young daughter of the village pradhan, Parmanand Singh, says, “Even as the world is frantically discussing how to deal with issues like sex-selective abortions, global warming and the carbon footprint, planting trees when girls are born is our simple solution to all these complicated problems.”

Sambad Report in Odia

Source: Sambad,worldpulse,countercurrents

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