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Mustard oil helps to keep you healthy - Digestive System,Hair,Skin

               Using of mustard oil in food is an ancient traditional like almost all the household uses mustard oil in food items. Mustard oil which is known as 'Saraso ka Tela' in Hindi. Mustard oil is not just like any other oil you use in your cooking which makes food delicious. It is a true superhero.It is good for health, Consuming mustard oil protect us from several heart diseases. 

Mustard oil helps to keep you healthy - Digestive System,Hair,Skin

About Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is extracted from the seeds of the mustard plant. It has culinary as well as therapeutic uses.

Scientific Name: Brassica juncea

Common NamesSorisha tela (Oriya),Sarson ka tel (Hindi), Sarsay tel (Bengali), Kadugu Ennai (Tamil), Avanune (Telugu), Rainu tel (Gujarati), Mohariche tel (Marathi), Kadugenna (Malyalam) 

Color: Dark (reddish) yellow

Aroma: Strong

Taste: Pungent and sharp flavor

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil?

- As mustard oil carries a large amount of monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, which reduces the cholesterol of the body as well as enhances the good HDL cholesterol, thereby maintaining the level of cholesterol, due to which your heart's The methodology remains healthy.

- Research suggests that mustard oil has strong cancer-fighting properties. It contains ample amounts of linolenic acid, which when converted to omega-3 fatty acid, helps prevent stomach and colon cancers.

- Mustard oil contains abundant of antibacterial, antivirus, and anti-fungal agents which work to protect your body against any type of infection, as well as keeps your digestive system healthy

- Due to the abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, saroso oil is better than other oils, it also has very small amounts of saturated fat.These good fats lower your risk of developing ischemic heart disease by 50%.

Feeling numbness in your muscles?Just massage some mustard oil on the affected area, and you will slowly start gaining some sensation in your muscles.

 - Mustard oil contains plenty of cancer-fighting ingredients, besides this, there is also plenty of linolenic acids which converted into omega-3 fatty acids and helps in preventing cancer.

When massaged into the skin, it also stimulates our circulatory system and sweat glands. This ensures improved blood circulation throughout the body and enlarged skin pores through sweating.This diaphoretic ability of mustard oil results in lowered body temperature and removal of toxins from the body.

- Regularly massaging mustard oil on the skin works amazingly well in curing joint aches and arthritis by increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

- Make a paste of ½ teaspoon of mustard oil, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, and ½ teaspoon of salt. Rub this mixture on your teeth and gums twice a day to promote healthy teeth and provide relief from gingivitis and periodontitis