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Basanta Rath Odia IPS Officer - The Real Life Singham in J&K

                  Basant Rath took over as the inspector general of police (traffic) in Jammu on February 9. Since then, the 2000-batch IPS officer has been praised for his innovative ways to manage traffic and criticised for his outspoken behavior on social media.

                    Rath's videos and photographs while managing traffic at busy junctions in the winter capital has been a hit on the Internet. Some people have compared him to the wildly popular protagonists in Bollywood movies like 'Singham' and 'Dabangg'.Rath is a crisis manager ready with a solution to any problem – whether through consultation or crackdown, as the situation warrants. He is always a click away and is as prompt to act on complaints raised even on social media.

Basanta Rath Odia IPS Officer - The Real Life Singham in J&K

                    During his tenure, he has ensured that all the school buses should be painted yellow, carry a nameplate and have first aid kits. He has also made wearing helmet mandatory for two-wheeler riders and even police officials have not been spared by him in case of a violation.Rath has pledged to make the traffic administration in J&K the most organized within 90 days. Not only his popularity has soared, but also awareness among people about traffic rules. Helmet use has increased in the state.

In a place which grapples with unrest from terrorists and protestors, Rath is an example.

                    From recent news, Rath has been warned by the top cop against his "strange activities" while controlling traffic and was told to "refrain from such acts" in the future in a letter. Inspector General of Police, Traffic, Basant Rath, has drawn both praise and flak for his "out-of-the-box" way of functioning since taking charge about a fortnight ago.