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Women Notice 5 things in Men (Attract Girls with top 5 trick)

         Nowadays, Everyone wants to look good.Especially boys because they want to attract girls.There is no special trick or Special costume for this, the minimum things are enough for that.And we have listed these minimum things here.This article not only about attract girls but also to get attractions of peoples in office, Freinds circle etc.Okay, let's see what actually girls like in boys.

1.Confidence- Women notice things like your body posture, a way of speaking, a way of walking and eye contact that determines your confidence.So work on these aspects to attract beautiful ladies out there.

2.Smile- Women look for men who not only make them laugh but lighten themselves with a positive smile.Smile also represents that everything in your life is going awesome and attracts all the peoples, especially girls.

3.Beards- If you don't have a sharp jawline, you should start growing beards and should trim them properly time to time.Asymmetrical figure mostly attracts women.

4.Dressing sense- It is the most important aspect you should take care of if you want beautiful girls around you and basically no one wants to be a guy who is not well dressed.Well dressed don't mean costly and branded clothes but well washed and fit clothes.

5.Good Physique- Belief or not women are mostly attracted to the guys who have a good physique, so start working out in the gym or in the home itself.There are many exercises that can be done at home.

Source: Google