BPUT Fake Exam Postponed Notification goes viral, 5th 7th Sem Exam Not Postponed

            BPUT 5th ad 7th Sem exam will start on 30th September 2017.As news from Odia newspaper, it will not change from that date.But some guys have recently uploaded an image with fake Notification of BPUT 5th 7th Sem Examination.

           As we check BPUT Official website, there are no updates regarding exam schedule.The last update is 24 September 2017.You can also check in a different browser with clearing cache.

The fake News Notification image

Recent News From BSA

Bput 5th and 7th sem Exam will not shift in any condition... notice was photoshopped to create nuisance and disturbance Among students... And its a request to every bput student not to believe in fake news provided by other BPUT student leaders.... and its a kind request to other BPUT student leaders not to spread fake news, many students keep faith on you....This was only a publicity stunt to gain popularity... 
My dear BPUTians prepare for your exams... BSA is always with you... All the best for your exams...
With regards
Team BSA
State working president

           Please, guys, don't confuse with this notification and don't play with others life.Share this news with friends.

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