[SOLVED] Aadhaar Card OTP Problem

         Is your aadhaar card not downloaded yet.For OTP issue, Site un available issue, OTP typing issue...Any other issue on downloading aadhaar card; here is the solution with video tutorial in Hindi.

Steps to get your aadhaar card (Download aadhaar) 

(Remember Please do this steps after 1 AM or before 7 AM) 

1. Open your Private Window in Browser.

2. Go to this website https://uidai.gov.in/

3. Find the link of Download AAdhaar (Present at left bottom)

4. Now Enter all details and click on Generate OTP

5. You will get that OTP in mobile and enter that OTP in the box.Your aadhaar card will download.

6. To access pdf file enter Pin Code .

Watch This Video Till End (All information given) 

Watch this on youtube(Good Quality): https://youtu.be/MW7_oht73k8


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